Bryan Koon, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Koon VP of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Bryan Koon, President and Chief Executive Officer, is a dynamic leader with a diverse background spanning over two decades. His impressive career includes military service, corporate leadership, and high-level governmental roles, showcasing his extensive operations, planning, management, and response expertise.

Bryan’s career commenced in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer, followed by significant roles in the White House Military Office, where he contributed to classified programs and contingency planning. From 2006 to 2011, he served as a Director at Walmart Stores, Inc., overseeing emergency management operations and was instrumental in managing responses to various national and international disasters.

In 2011, Bryan became Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, leading the State’s efforts in emergency preparedness, recovery, and mitigation. This role involved managing a substantial annual budget and coordinating Statewide response teams during presidentially declared disasters and significant events like the Republican National Convention. His leadership in this position showcased his ability to handle complex emergencies with skill and foresight.

As Vice President of International Homeland Security and Emergency Management at IEM, Bryan has overseen vital projects in emergency management. These include responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, air evacuation support, and various public assistance and hazard mitigation grant programs. Under his leadership, his business segment has experienced significant growth in revenue, employees, and contracts, demonstrating his ability to drive success in challenging environments.

Bryan’s dedication to resilience and policy influence is evident in his role as Chair of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council, where he advocates for effective mitigation practices nationwide and holds positions on various boards, including the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes and the National Emergency Management Association. His visionary approach emphasizes community resilience and cross-sector collaboration in emergency management, making him a key driver of innovative solutions and strategic partnerships at IEM.

A Florida native, Bryan holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a master’s from George Washington University.