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IEM is on a mission to build a safe, secure, and resilient world. As the largest woman- and minority-owned professional services firm of its kind, we are focused on emergency management, disaster recovery, homeland security, public health, and digital services. We integrate science, technology, and real-world experience to provide our customers with solutions that work and outcomes that matter.

IEM was founded nearly four decades ago with the intent of providing results that save lives by applying the latest scientific knowledge and best practices for evidence-based decision-making to protect people and communities and help them become more resilient and better prepared for the next crisis.

Each day we strive to demonstrate our commitment to Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts and resiliency building through our work and our actions.

Our experts have helped state, local, tribal, and territorial governments and private sector clients respond to the most catastrophic disasters in our nation’s history, including September 11th, Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, María, Irma, and Sandy, and India’s 2010 earthquakes and Texas wildfires. We have managed billions of dollars in federal disaster funds, helped thousands of families rebuild their homes, and strengthened critical infrastructure to better protect against future disasters while remaining effective stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Beyond disasters, we also help agencies and organizations adapt to the emerging challenges of the 21st century –from cybersecurity threats to chemical weapons disposal. We provide smarter, more efficient technology solutions to homeland security planners, emergency managers, and public officials.

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Years we've been in business

Years we've been in business

Years serving in Puerto Rico

Years serving in Puerto Rico



States and Territories served

States and Territories served

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

Repeat customers

Repeat customers

Employees in Puerto Rico

Employees in Puerto Rico

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About Us

Our Commitment to Puerto Rico

The people of Puerto Rico deserve the same level of service, compassion, and speed as every other U.S. citizen. When it comes to helping governments and communities to rebuild smarter and stronger, IEM has defined the art of what is possible.

For over a decade, IEM has helped Puerto Rico prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against the worst disasters in U.S. history. We have effectively managed billions of dollars of disaster assistance coming from a wide array of sources and programs, designed to assist Puerto Ricans recover and prepare for future disasters. Most importantly, throughout every part of our work, we never lose sight of our primary objective of putting survivors first.

Our Leadership

Beriwal, Madhu

Madhu Beriwal
Founder and Chairwoman

Koon, Bryan

Bryan Koon
President and Chief Executive Officer

Amparo, Alex

Alex Amparo
Vice President of Critical Infrastructure

james clark square

James Clark
Vice President of International Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Lattanzi, Nick

Nick Lattanzi
Vice President of Digital Services and National Security Solutions

Lemcke, Ted 2

Ted Lemcke
Chief Technology Officer

Jon Mabry

Jon Mabry
Vice President of Disaster Recovery

Michael, Dan 2

Dan Michael, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Patrick, Allison 2

Allison Patrick
Chief Growth Officer

Tiffee, Brad 2

Brad Tiffee
Chief Administrative Officer

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